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Tests for Herbicide Glyphosate Detection in Grains and Water

  • Tests for Detection of the Herbicide Glyphosate in Grains and Water

Glyphosate-V from Vicam a Waters Business is a quantitative method for the detection of the herbicide Glyphosate in different types of samples, such as cereals and water. The Glyphosate-V test enables the detection of the herbicide glyphosate at very low levels of contamination in just 15 minutes.

Glyphosate-V delivers actionable quality data to support preventive management and regulatory compliance at the farm, grain storage or manufacturing operation – and in the laboratory. Glyphosate’s simple approach requires very little training or technical skill to obtain accurate, reliable results.

Advantages of the Glyphosate-V Rapid Quantitative Test for
Detection of Glyphosate in Cereals and Water

  • Glyphosate-V - бързи количествен тест за определяне на хербицида Глифозат - предимства

  • Accuracy – the test provides precise results comparable to those of laboratory liquid chromatography equipment.
  • Safety – eliminates toxic calibration chemicals.
  • Simplicity - no special skills are required.
  • Economical – no hidden costs or sample batching required.
  • Rapid screening – actionable results in 15 minutes.
  • Sensitivity - limits of detection as low as 0.002 ppm (water) and 0.025 ppm (grains).
  • Wide range – quantify levels as high as 0.5 ppm (grain) and 2.0 ppm (water).
  • Convenience – easily performed test on-site or in the lab.

Glyphosate-V Test Procedure for Detection of Glyphosate in Grain and Water

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