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Multi-parameter measurements pH measurement EC/TDS measurement ORP measurement ISE measurement DO measurement
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  • mycotoxin food and feed tests

Food and Feed Safety Tests

Presented food and feed safety tests are developed and distributed throughout the world by leading food safety firms. Proposed food safety test products include mycotoxin tests , antibiotic residue tests , tests for hormones and other contaminants in meat, milk, honey and nuts, pathogene and allergen tests , milk antibiotic residue tests, meat speciation tests, GMO tests and Bisphenol A tests. The tests include different methods according to the accuracy and needed time and place to make the test: on site or laboratory quality and quantity strip tests, ELISA tests, PCR tests, HPLC and LC/MS/MS tests and specially developed food test devices.

Providing clean and healthy food is an investment in the future of every nation. We sincerely hope to have a modest contribution.

  • pH, ORP, EC, TDS, ISE meters

Water Testing Equipment

Presented are precise digital water test devices for measurement of pH , ORP , ISE , EC/TDS , and temperature. The devices are listed according to their functionality: benchtop, waterproof portable, standard portable, pocket waterproof, standard pocket and continuous meters.

Laboratory Centrifuges

Presented laboratory centrifuges are produced in the UK and are available on the world market by Centurion Scientific, one of the well-known and experienced manufacturers. Laboratory centrifuges are devided according to their application: analytical laboratory centrifuges , (with or without cooling) with capacity from 120 ml, up to 400 ml, up to 1000 ml, up to 3 liters and up to 4 liters, clinical laboratory centrifuges , veterinary laboratory centrifuges , laboratory centrifuges for testing of asphalt and road pavements and laboratory centrifuges for educational institutions . For each type of centrifuge, maximum speed, volume, RCF - maximum relative centrifugal force, maximum size of centrifuge tubes, dimensions, weight, power, and type of rotors used are specified.