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PCR meat speciation tests

Generon presents qPCR tests to determine the type of different types of meat - goat, sheep, pork, horse, beef, donkey, chicken, turkey and camel. The identification of different meats, especially in minced meat products, is a serious task in the field of food safety and from an ethical point of view. Certification of prohibited or unclassified ingredients, such as horse meat or non-compliant meat, is essential to ensure confidence in the supply chain and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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The scandal involving the illegal use of horsemeat in food was the main reason for the adoption of stricter legislation in the field of food fraud in the EU. However, cases of food counterfeiting continue to occur, and not just in the EU. Economically motivated counterfeiting occurs when food is mixed with a cheaper ingredient to reduce production costs and increase profits. Meat tops the list of cases of food fraud because it is expensive to produce and buy, it is widely consumed, and counterfeiting with cheaper substitutes is difficult to detect by the average consumer. DNA analysis is a major defense against meat-related food fraud.

PCR meat speciation tests kits

Code Kit Name Tests/kit:
PMA08S-50 EQUINE traces quantification 50
PMA96S-50 CAT traces quantification 50
PMA97S-50 DOG traces quantification 50
PMA99S-50 VEGETARIAN verification 50
PMA14S-50 GOOSE traces quantification 50
PMA13S-50 DUCK traces quantification 50
PMA12S-50 RABBIT traces quantification 50
PMA07S-50 BUFFALO traces quantification 50
PMA06S-50 GOAT traces quantification 50
PMA04S-50 POULTRY traces quantification 50
PMA05S-50 SHEEP traces quantification 50
PMA03S-50 TURKEY traces quantification 50
PMA02S-50 BOVINE traces quantification 50
PMA01S-50 PORK traces quantification 50

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