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Rapid meat speciation tests kits

Accidental or intentional offering of types of meat not indicated on the delivery documents is proving to be a common practice. Biochek-UK's Raw Meat FlowThrough rapid tests for raw, uncooked meat are an innovative product for determining poultry, beef, pork, sheep and horse meatand are developed for use by meat processing plants or food quality control laboratories.

Biochek-UK's Raw Meat FlowThrough rapid tests have been validated using LGC Raw Meat Certificated Reference Materials, a panel of shop bought meats and over 50 potentially cross-reacting food ingredients as well as compared to confirmatory raw meat ELISAs. They will save factory laboratories time and money and give them peace of mind as to the integrity of their raw materials and products.

Raw Meat FlowThrough™ kits are available in packs of 5 tests and 100 tests:

Code Kit Name (tests/kit)
R6056 Raw COW FlowThrough™ (5)
R6051 Raw HORSE FlowThrough™ (5)
R6053 Raw PIG FlowThrough™ (5)
R6060 Raw SHEEP FlowThrough™ (5)
R6058 Raw POULTRY FlowThrough™ (5)

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